Main Subjects = Machine Learning
Number of Articles: 16
2. Assessment of Statistical Models for Rainfall Forecasting Using Machine Learning Technique

Volume 6, Issue 2, April 2022, Pages 51-67


L. Gowri; K.R. Manjula; K. Sasireka; Durairaj Deepa

4. Machine Learning on Microstructural Chemical Maps to Classify Component Phases in Cement Pastes

Volume 5, Issue 4, October 2021, Pages 1-20


Emily Ford; Kailasnath Maneparambil; Narayanan Neithalath

7. A Comparative Review of Image Processing Based Crack Detection Techniques on Civil Engineering Structures

Volume 5, Issue 3, July 2021, Pages 58-74


Md. Rahat Shahriar Zawad; Md. Fahad Shahriar Zawad; Md. Asifur Rahman; Sudipto Nath Priyom

8. Assessing Compressive Strength of Concrete with Extreme Learning Machine

Volume 5, Issue 2, April 2021, Pages 68-85


Sarat Chandra Nayak; Sanjib Kumar Nayak; Sanjay Kumar Panda

10. Gaussian Process Regression (GPR) for Auto-Estimation of Resilient Modulus of Stabilized Base Materials

Volume 5, Issue 1, January 2021, Pages 80-94


Ali Reza Ghanizadeh; Nasrin Heidarabadizadeh; Fahimeh Heravi

11. Classification of Seismic Vulnerability Based on Machine Learning Techniques for RC Frames

Volume 4, Issue 2, April 2020, Pages 13-21


Seyed Hooman Ghasemi; Hossein Bahrami; Mahdi Akbari

13. Performance Evaluation of Machine Learning Models in Predicting Dry and Wet Climatic Phases

Volume 4, Issue 1, January 2020, Pages 29-48


Oluwatobi Aiyelokun; Akintunde Ojelabi; Oluwole Agbede

15. Mode-Wise Corridor Level Travel-Time Estimation Using Machine Learning Models

Volume 4, Issue 1, January 2020, Pages 72-97


R. B. Sharmila; Nagendra R. Velaga

16. The Gaussian Process Modeling Module in UQLab

Volume 2, Issue 3, July 2018, Pages 91-116


Christos Lataniotis; Stefano Marelli; Bruno Sudret