Main Subjects = Genetic Algorithm
Number of Articles: 5
1. Predicting post-fire behavior of green geopolymer mortar containing recycled concrete aggregate via GEP approach

Volume 4, Issue 2, Spring 2020, Pages 22-46

Shayan Fakhrian; Hamid Behbahani; Shayan Mashhadi

2. Structural Optimization of Concrete Volume for Machine Foundation Using Genetic Algorithms

Volume 3, Issue 3, Summer 2019, Pages 62-81

Matheus Abreu Lopes; Francisco Jose da Cunha Pires Soeiro; Jose Guilherme Santos da Silva

3. Optimisation of Recycled Thermoplastic Plate (Tile)

Volume 1, Issue 2, Autumn 2017, Pages 19-34

Lonping Tazou Olivier; Alao Abdullahi Jimoh; Adeola A. Adedeji

4. No-Deposition Sediment Transport in Sewers Using Gene Expression Programming

Volume 1, Issue 1, Summer 2017, Pages 29-53

Isa Ebtehaj; Hossein Bonakdari