Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1 - Serial Number 23, January 2023, Pages 1-134 
Models Development for Asphalt Pavement Performance Index in Different Climate Regions Using Soft Computing Techniques

Pages 20-42


Abdualmtalab Abdualaziz Ali; Usama Heneash; Amgad Hussein; Shaban Ismael Albrka Ali; Shahbaz Khan

Performance Based Review and Fine-Tuning of TRM-Concrete Bond Strength Existing Models

Pages 43-55


Hashem Jahangir; Zahra Nikkhah; Danial Rezazadeh Eidgahee; Mohammad Reza Esfahani

Air Quality Prediction - A Study Using Neural Network Based Approach

Pages 93-113


Raunaq Singh Suri; Ajay Kumar Jain; Nishant Raj Kapoor; Aman Kumar; Harish Chandra Arora; Krishna Kumar; Hashem Jahangir