GMDH-Network to Estimate the Punching Capacity of FRP-RC Slabs

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Department of Civil Engineering, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom


Determination of the punching shear capacity of FRP-reinforced concrete slabs was studied in this paper. A database including 81 pairs of data was collected and used. The method was considered in the paper, was group method of data handling (GMDH) which is one of the most structures which is used by researchers. The section area of the column, effective flexural depth of slab, the compressive strength of concrete, Young’s modulus of the FRP slab and reinforcement ratio were used as input variables. The target of the model was also the determination of the ultimate punching capacity of the FRP-reinforced concrete flat slab (Target). Based on this dataset, ten polynomials specified and its coefficients were presented. All of these ten polynomials used for the considered prediction. The proposed GMDH structure also validate by several experimental data. The results indicated that group method of data handling (GMDH) is beneficial for the prediction of the punching shear capacity of slabs.


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